Since, on a quiet night, I heard them talk
Who have no voices but the winds
Of all the mystery there is in life
And all the mastery there is in death.

Dylan Thomas







Carved into old gravestones we often find the inscription Memento Mori; – remember death. Memento Mori also refers to a monument or image that represents a visualization of mortality. Death constitutes the fabric on which we embroider our lives, and where our actions, values, attitudes and deeds make more or less meaningful or coherent patterns. It might be that this background of mortality-awareness is needed in order for our lives to be as fulfilling as the boundary of our inner landscapes and outer conditions allow.
A cemetery may be viewed in different ways; – for some a haunting necropolis, for others an oasis of tranquility. A walk in a cemetery may also be seen as an internal journey of breath and oblivion, and a reminder that behind every name, every inscription there has once been lives of unrest and joy, longing and hope.
My Memento Mori project consists of sculptures that visualize different but specific reflections around life and the lack of it, divided in themes of The Sacred, Time, Love, The Battle, Grief, Oblivion and Fear.

Our lady of silence
preparer of the linen
for the unborn and the dead
have mercy on our illusions


The project was exhibited in the crypt of Nidarosdomen, the Norwegian national cathedral.

Ten years after it’s making, the project is from 2012 permanently on display in the chapel for which it was made, as a room of silence and contemplation.