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Elsewhere revisited are researching aspects of fragility, memory and transience.
All readymades in the project, except the rescueblankets, are used by the courtesy of Miss Helga Christianne Alexandra (Alix) Ziegler

Nightport / Mayday


MISS HELGA CHRISTIANNE ALEXANDRA ZIEGLER.As a child, I believed my friend Alix to be scary. Her rather eccentric appearance belonged firmly in the world of mythology. Her spare time was spent in the woods, carrying around rope, pulleys and saws of all sorts. Marie, her partner, seemed perpetually placed in a garden chair, reading Hamsun behind an enormous straw hat, holding the book daintily between well preserved almost see-through white hands. Tranquillity abounded.

Elsewhere / Scraps

Time washes away. Time came by and went again. It surges forth in its own frenzied soundless pace. In its wake we find memory-traces, readable remnants of presence.