Folly of the Impure 2016

Headspace 2016 I_Harrang



Don't let the bedbugs bite 2016 I_Harrang

Don’t let the bedbugs bite…


Light, let it be Light 2016 I_Harrang

Light, let it be Light!



Man seeks comfort in finding ways of creating relevance and meaning by restlessly roaming the past, present and future looking for connections, and thereby confirming the categories and systems we put in place to control and understands the chaos in and around us. When night comes we search the dark space above, and in seeing fragments of crushed light, we whisper in awe, or scream in desperation, is there anybody out there?
We see our own face in the eyes of others, wondering about what and who is living in there. What are we made of? Which figments and parts are common traits, and what is the individual’s unique signature? What is the thin threads connecting us to each other and our selves, and that we hold on to when life gets ruff, as it does at times. The background for the project “Folly of the Impure” is an attempt at probing the undefined feeling of a Meta-existence through looking at the neurological connection between religious activity, the ecstatic, and the creative, all activated from the same part of the brain. The challenge lies of course in transforming information and knowledge about a complex highly specialized field far away from my own into a free artistic statement, and give this a visual dressing free of empiric limitations.